Craig and Rowan's wedding photography at GG's Yard

Craig and Rowan's wedding at GG's Yard

25th June 2018

When I first discussed Craig and Rowan's wedding with the couple I was amazed that they had booked a venue that they would not be able to see yet! They had booked a new venue called GG's Yard on plan. However when Craig told me he was an Architect I knew that he had confidence that it would look as they had hoped.

When I arrived on the day of the wedding I was even more impressed when I saw the venue than I was when I saw the plans. It was incredible. It was like a building from the show "Grand designs" but even better. It had an impressive function room with a ceremony room to the side. All exposed bricks, clean lines and white ceilings, just my kind of taste!

What was also great about the venue was that it had its own Brides room for getting ready. What a great idea. Rowan and her bridesmaid were getting their make up done there and Craig and his Dad were busy with last minute details for the ceremony. Rowan's dress was incredible. It suited her to a tee!

Craig and his grooms men were all in fantastic green jackets and a green and brown tartan supplied by slang Kilts. It looked great!

All the guests started arriving in the ceremony room. Rowan and Craig had decorated the room with simple green flowers which fitted the venue perfectly. When it was time for the ceremony to start, Rowan walked down the stairs to the ceremony room. The ceremony was conducted by . After the Ido's the couple and their guests went outside for a large group shot. 

The wind had picked up quite a lot and it was playing havoc with the ladies hats and Rowan's veil but it was also quite fun. I took Craig and Rowan down to the beach which was a 2 minute car journey. This was the loveliest little beach I had seen and no wind! There were also rocks that I got the couple on which was great for pictures. Rowan was great about going anywhere for pictures and even had white flip flops for the occasion!

We then headed back to the venue for drinks and canapés. It was then time for the speeches which were fantastic. Craig talked about his and Rowans love of the Theatre and musicals and they actually met at a theatre production.

It was then time for the first dance and what a first dance! Craig and Rowan had a dance routine prepared for the day. It was fantastic. 

I would like to thank Craig and Rowan for choosing me to be their photographer. GG's Yard was such a fantastic venue and well worth the gamble they took booking it without ever seeing it! Their wedding was beautiful and a complete joy to be a part of. 

Gail x