Debbie and Tommy's wedding photography at Cornhill Castle

Debbie and Tommy's wedding photography at Cornhill Castle

27th February 2020

It was going to be a beautiful day at Cornhill Castle, near Biggar, for Debbie and tommy's wedding day.

This venue is just along the road from where i grew up so I love getting to photograph weddings here!

All the girls were getting ready at the hotel which makes it really easy for me as i can just pop up and down the stairs for the getting ready shots and photograph people arriving.

Tommy and his groomsmen all arrived in good time so i got some nice pictures of them in their kilts.

Debbie dress was amazing and when she got into it the stairs in the bridal suite was just the place for a photograph. 

It was then time to head to the wedding marque for the ceremony. I got a beautiful picture of Debbie and her Dad going down the stairs, the light was just perfect for this.

What a beautiful ceremony it was. Debbie and tommy looked so happy, laughing through out. It was lovely to see.

After the ceremony everyone headed outside for drinks. As it was such a great day loads of guest just sat on the table of the decking which has a fantastic view of Tinto hill.

I took Debbie and Tommy around the venue for some pictures. I love the long tree lined road leading into Cornhill, its is a great feature for pictures.

Debbie and tommy were keen to spend as much time with their guest which allowed me to get some candid shots of the guests. They had hired a magician to entertain their guests.

It was then time for the speeches in the wonderful ballroom. Lots of laughs when the best man showed a picture of tommy on his Stag do with very little on!

After the meal the band started up followed by a fantastic fireworks display. What an amazing ending to a perfect wedding day.


Other lovely suppliers-

Videographer - Erin Rose Films

Brides Dress - Bijoux bridal

Kilts - Brooks Menswear

Cake - Marie Claire cake Design

Magician - Billy Reid Close- up - Magician


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