Mariuca and George's intimate wedding at Kibble palace, Botanic Gardens, Glasgow

Mariuca and George's intimate wedding at Kibble palace, Botanic Gardens, Glasgow

27th August 2020

It was a rainy July day in Glasgow for Mariuca and George's wedding at the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. That wasn't going to be a problem though as their small intimate wedding was going to be held in The Kibble Palace within the gardens. I LOVE this place. 

The Kibble palace is a 19th century wrought iron framed glasshouse originally designed for John Kibble. John Kibble has been described as an engineer, Astronomer, photographer and entrepreneur. The palace was originally at his home on Loch Long and then it was moved by barge to Glasgow where it was fully erected at its current location in 1873. The building contains a large collection of plants and tree fern collection.

This wasn't going to be your usual wedding as it really felt like more of a party with friends and family. Mariuca and George arrived together before the ceremony. Mariuca was in a beautiful blue dress and George in a suit. It was such a relaxed atmosphere as the small number of guests started to arrive. 

I loved the couples fun attitude to the day. They were going to have a great time, nothing was taken seriously and it made my job very easy!

The ceremony took place with a hand fasting ceremony and drinking from the Quaich. After this it was time for champagne and nibbles. I took some group shots of family member and guests.

The couple then took a walk around the palace for some pictures, They were just having such a laugh, I loved it. The rained stopped for about 10 minutes so we got a couple of pictures outside.

It was then back inside for some more drinks.

The couple only needed my services for a short while but what fun I had. 

With the terrible year we have had for the wedding industry in 2020 and everyone having to have very small weddings if anything at all, what George and Mariuca's wedding shows, is that you can have a fantastic day with great pictures with just a small event in a fantastic location. This looks like this will be the way of weddings for some time to come and if its anything like this couple's day then I will love it!

Thanks to George and Mariuca for allowing me to be a part of their special day. G x

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