Robert and Lauren's wedding photography at House for an Art lover in Glasgow

Robert and Lauren's wedding photography at House for an Art lover in Glasgow

21st September 2016

I was going back to one of my favourite locations in Glasgow for the wedding of Robert and Lauren- House for an Art Lover. What I love about this location is not only does it have the beautiful Art Deco interiors which I love but the grounds are stunning. It is also so peaceful but in the heart of the Southside of Glasgow.

Like many of my other wedding photography in Glasgow projects, my day began by meeting up with the girls, as well as Lauren's Maid of Honor at the Apex hotel in Glasgow. I love the space they had to get ready. An upstairs and downstairs which was great for shots. Cat Robertson was on hand for make up and hair was being done by Cameo Bridal Styling. Lauren got into her fabulous dress by Enzoani. It was perfect for the Art Deco look and I loved her red lipstick which just completed the look. I also nipped to the guys room where the usual struggles with kilts was happening. They were looking very smart though.

I then got to the House for an Art Lover to photograph the guests arriving and some more shots of the guys. Lauren then arrived and got taken in under some umbrellas. Thankfully the only shower of the day. The ceremony was beautiful conducted by the humanist Kirsty Harvey. We then went outside for a group shot and a fantastic confetti picture. I love confetti pictures!!

We then got the family shots we needed followed by some pictures of the bridal party. I then photographed Lauren and Robert in the amazing walled garden. The colours  in there were great to use as I love the vibrancy coulor gives to a shot. I will always seek out some colour for a back drop or to use in the foreground of an image.

We then headed inside for a few pictures in the wonderful oval room inside then the candid shots of the drinks reception. It was such a beautiful day and all the guest were out on the balcony over looking the beautiful grounds of House  for An Art Lover.

it was then time for the speeches which were perfectly done by Laurens Dad, Robert, the Man of Honor and the best man. They really were all superb!

It was such a beautiful evening that I got Lauren and Robert outside for some early evening light shots. I love this time of night for pictures. It was then onto the party. The entertainment was provided by Pin Up Nights DJs and Photobooth Pro Scotland. What a great day it was. I loved being able to photograph this wonderful wedding of two great people. G x

Other lovely suppliers on the day

House for an Art Lover
Apex Hotel Glasgow
Cat Robertson (Make-up)
Cameo Bridal Styling (Hair)
GMW Productions
Blooms for Flowers
Opus Couture (my dress was by Enzoani)
Pin Up Nights DJs
Kirsty Harvey (Humanist celebrant)
Photobooth Pro Scotland
West of Scotland Wedding Cars



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