The wedding of Michelle and Andrew at House for an Art Lover

The wedding of Michelle and Andrew at House for an Art Lover

22nd January 2018

I was happily back to one of my favourite venue's for Michelle and Andrew's wedding- House for an Art Lover.

The venue is situated in Ballahouston park in Glasgow.  I love it of not only the wonderful Macintosh interiors but the beautiful grounds that is sits on. 

I went to Michelle and Andrew house in the morning where Michelle and her sister Gail were getting ready. It was a very calm morning  and the girls were very organised and ready early, great for me!

I then headed to the venue and got some shots of Andrew and his brothers arriving at the venue. 

It was such a lovely ceremony in the dinning room. I love the side light in the room and I got a great shot of Andrew looking at Michelle during the vows. 

After the ceremony we headed outside for a large group shot of the guests and some family pics too.

Michelle and Andrew had booked the walled garden for pictures which is beautiful. We then headed back in for some pictures in the oval room and then I concentrated on candid shots of the guests.

It was then time for the speeches in the music room followed by the meal.

The early evening light was beautiful so Michelle and Andrew didn't mind me taking them outside again for 10 minutes to get some more shots, this can be the best time of day for pictures when the light is warm and soft.

I then photographed the first dance followed by a few ceilidh dances. It created a few laughs on the dance floor!

I would like to the thank Michelle and Andrew for allowing me to be a part of their wonderful day. G x

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