Trish and Rob's wedding photography at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh

Trish and Rob's wedding photography at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh

1st November 2016

This was going to be my third visit to the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh for the wedding of Trish and Rob. When I meet them for the first time a few months before the wedding I loved their passion for life. They talked about their dancing classes they went to and their love of all things Dr Who. I knew their wedding would be loads of fun and of course it was.

The day started with me photographing the girls getting ready in the hotel room. It was a bit tight for space but everyone was having a great time. The two little flower girls were so cute and munching on sausage rolls in-between getting their dresses on.

I then arrive at the gardens and first met Trish's brother with his little boy walking to the gardens. I got a really lovely shot of them walking through the gardens. When I arrived most of the wedding party was there minus Rob! He had to get a taxi back to the flat as he had forgotten the rings. Lucky they just lived 5 minutes away form the venue. When he arrived his Mum straightened  his tie and were were good to go.

The ceremony was to be held in the John Muir Grove. In the Grove there are these magnificent Redwood trees which were planted in the 1920s and have now reached over 24m in height. The towering trees make for a cathedral-like atmosphere which is great for weddings. The couple had a harpist playing for the guest arriving which just added the perfect touch for the atmosphere in the grove.

Trish, the bridesmaid, her Mum and Step-dad all arrived at the Caledonian Hall and then headed up to the grove. The ceremony was beautiful and a few tears were on show from the guests. What I loved is that Rob and Trish integrated their personalities into the ceremony and it was totally unique to them.

After the ceremony the bridal party and guest walked back to the Caledonian hall for some tea and Cake. The rain came on just a tiny bit but everyone just sat outside and had their tea and cake under a brolly. Luckily the rain disappeared and we got some shots around the garden. I mostly used the famous rock garden as it is stunning with its own little water fall.

After some candid shots of the guests Trish, Rob and I went for a walk though the gardens getting shots on the Chinese hillside (which was a favourite place for the couple). We also got some pictures with Edinburgh Castle in the background. When we returned to the party Trish and Rob's dancing class pals were having an impromptu dancing display. It was fantastic. Trish and Rob joined in too.

It was then time to head to the John Hope Gateway building for the meal. I was great to get shots of all the guest just walking though the grounds. We did a large group shot of the guests on the steps of the building before going in.

I loved Trish and Rob's cake. It has a DR Who cake topper which just suited the couple down to the ground. The speeches were before dinner. They were all fantastic which lots of laughs and lots of emotion thrown in.

It was then time for the bit of the evening I had been looking forward to - The dancing. Its not very often the the couple frequent dance classes along with half of the guests. I wasn't disappointed which some fantastic dance moves on display.

What a truly unique and personal wedding Trish and Rob had. It was great fun to be around and an absolute pleasure to photograph. G x

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