So Laura and Kevin’s wedding, like so many other couples, was meant to be in May 2020. Then it was changed to May 2021, and finally they got their day at University of Glasgow in October 2021.

I so admire couples who have persevered through many date changes. To keep going and constantly contacting suppliers many times, changing dates, must have been so hard.

The reception was held at Oran Mor, also in the west end of Glasgow. It is a converted church building which had the most amazing ceiling I have ever seen (excluding the Sistine Chapel!).  It really is a must see.

What a great day!


It was going to be am amazing day at Julie and Gary’s wedding as they had picked two of my favourite venues in Glasgow- University of Glasgow and House for an Art Lover. Almost too many wonderful backdrops for one wedding!

What a fantastic day. Such an amazing couple in two fantastic wedding locations! G x