Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your style of wedding photography?

A. I specialise in creative, reportage photography. I aim to capture the true feeling of the day with lots of candid shots of guests enjoying themselves along with some set up shots of the bride and groom. I feel a good mixture of shots creates the best flow for a wedding album. I also do any family shots you would require although this is sometimes best kept to a minimum to allow time for good spur of the moment shots.

The look of my photographs are quite classic. I love contrasty black and white images that have a punch to them. If there is colour in a shot I use it. I love saturated colour shots that really stand out form the page. 


Q. Do we get to choose what pictures go in the album?

A. Yes, with all the packages you receive a USB stick and your images on the website. From there you pick your pictures for the album.


Q. How long before we get the USB and album?

A. The images are on the website from 2-3 weeks after your wedding, and the USB is available from 2-3 weeks after the wedding. The albums are available from 3 weeks after you have chosen your pictures and approved the final layout.


Q. Can our friend and family view image online?

A. Yes, as wedding guests come from all over the country and overseas , online viewing of images is ideal. Each wedding is placed on line for in which you can purchase prints with all major credit and debit cards. Thereafter prints can still be purchased directly through me.


Q. What happens if you are ill?

A. I haven't missed a wedding yet. I do have lots of contacts with other photographers who shoot weddings and would do my utmost to get the wedding covered by a colleague if time allowed.


Q. What equipment do you use?

A. I use two Canon digital SLR cameras with two back ups with a range of lenses. I also take with me a set of studio lights in case the great British weather plays up and we have to shoot indoors.


Q. Do you charge mileage?

A. I cover weddings up to 50 miles from Glasgow, thereafter the cost is 44p per mile.


Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Yes, I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


Q. How do we go about seeing further samples of your work?

A. Simply give me a call and we can arrange a mutual time to come to my house where I work and we can discuss details of your day.


Q. How do we make a booking?

A. When you want to make a booking I will send you out a booking form for you to complete and return to me with a deposit of £200.00. At the booking stage I simply need your contact details and ceremony and reception locations if available.


Q. When is the balance due?

A. The balance is due one week prior to the wedding. At this point I also ask you for the itinerary of the day and any family shots you require. After I have received this information I will phone you and go over the finer points of the day to ensure we have time for all the things you want photographed.


Q. Can we have a full resolution USB of all the images?

A. Yes, a USB is available with every package.


Q. Do you offer parents albums and framed products?

A. Yes, I provide a price list upon request of all the products that I offer.


Q. Can we make prints or an album from our USB.?

A. Yes, you can make prints or your own album. I would always recommend using a good quality lab for your prints as they colour correct the images which matches their printing equipment.


Q. Who owns the copyright of the pictures?

A. The copyright always belongs to the photographer but as mentioned before you can make prints for your own use.


Q. Will you put our wedding on your blog?

A. Yes, I would put most of my work on the blog at some point. If this is something you did not want then just inform me of this, not a problem.


Q. Do you put our pictures on social media?

A. Yes, I usually will put an album of pictures on facebook for you and your family to see. I always check with the couples first that this is ok.

Q. How long would you stay at out wedding?

A. I would stay until the first 4 dance are done what ever time that may be.


Q. Do we need to provide you with a meal while we are having ours?

A. Of course not, but some couples do provide a meal for me either in another room or bar area. I would always check that there was somewhere I could get something to eat otherwise I just bring a packed lunch.


Q. Do you do family group shots?

A. I would always recommend you do some family group shots to keep everyone happy. Usually around 5 works well but that can end up being a bit more depending on the size of families. Normally these shots would just involve immediate family which include parents, siblings and grandparents.


Q. How can I see your prices?

A. Simply get in touch and I will send you the price list for the year of your wedding.


Q. Do you do engagement shoots?

A. I have always felt that my style of photography doesn't suit doing an engagement shoot. I like the couples to looks as natural as possible on the day and if you have practiced posing to me it just doesn't look right. I like my pictures to be as spontaneous as possible which allows me to capture the true personality of the subject.

I also prefer to sit and chat about your day and look at images from your venue whether they are mine or taken by someone else. If I have not photographed a venue then I will always try and do a site visit before hand either by myself or with the couples. It is also  important for me to know discuss who  is in your family so that we ensure we get the must have pictures. For me this is a better preparation for your wedding day than an engagement shoot.


Q. Do you work on your own?

A. Yes, I mostly do work on my own. Occasionally I can have budding photographer come along to hold flashes and help with dresses etc but they are never responsible for any of the photography. 

I dont sub contact any weddings out to other photographers as it is my experience that you are paying for. When you book me you get me.