Frequently Asked Questions – Family Photography

1. How long do you take pictures for?
A sitting can take around 1-2 hours depending on the age of the child and the location of the shoot.

2. What should my child wear?
I think it is best for the children to wear something that they are comfortable in. if we are going to a park then perhaps wellies if there has been rain.

3. How do we choose our pictures?
The pictures will be on my website from a few daysafter the  shoot for you to view and order. This is password protected so only you and who ever you give the password to can view.

4. How long are they on the website for?
I have the images on the website for 3 months.

5. Can we order pictures at a later date?
Yes, of course. I can put the gallery back on my website at your request.

6. Is my home suitable for taking pictures?
Yes. I will always find an area in a client’s home that we can use to get some fantastic shots. Also back gardens are great locations or your child’s favorite park.

7. Do you charge Mileage?
I don’t charge mileage