Gail’s approach to weddings

It is such a privilege to be asked to photograph a couples wedding, I just love being able to be involved in creating real memories.

The way I photograph weddings is very relaxed and 80% of what I do is candid. I never feel the photography should overtake a wedding but just be a part of the day that captures all the great moments.

I have broken down below the most common organised pictures taken on at a wedding.

Couples pictures

I have really only 3 main pictures I need from the bride and groom and they are :


Having fun!

This is my favourite image of each couple. Just being yourselves laughing and having fun together. I usually take the couples on a wee walk and we just have a laugh. Most of the couple shots are of this style and completely natural!


Where we got hitched!.

This is a picture that shows where you got married. So generally showing more of the landscape, building or area. So someone looking at your pictures will say will say “Oh, you got married at ………”


Closer in!

This is an image which is slightly closer to each couple and can be them laughing or just cuddling, what ever suits them!

The couples pictures should take about 15-20 minutes.

Family Group shots

These are the pictures with your immediate family. It usually involves parents, siblings and grandparents. I usually recommend around 5-10 of these so you don’t get too fed up standing and smiling.

One large group shot with all of your guests is also a good shot to do and quite fun.

Family pictures should only take around 5 minutes if you keep to 5-10 combinations

Bridal Party

This is the picture of the Bride with Bridesmaids, Groom with Groomsmen and both together. The images with the  Groom, Best man and Ushers is usually always done before the ceremony.

Bridal party pictures should only take around 5 minutes

Other pictures

The other pictures are generally all candid and reportage, capturing all the little moments throughout the day.

I adore reportage photography as it tells the story of each couples day in a fun style.

Any other shots that require a little organising are confetti and sparklers  pictures. Again these are shot in a very relaxed and fun way.